One Ocean, One Planet, One Chance
Creating a Sustainable Future for All

Ocean Six Fifty is a non-profit foundation established by Shafraz Naeem, a prominent technical diver and instructor from the Maldives. The foundation's primary objective is preserving and safeguarding the Maldives' marine ecosystems through conservation programs and environmental campaigns, emphasizing the harmful impacts of plastic pollution on local communities. Along with supporting the communities, the foundation is also committed to provide valuable resources and support such as training programs and educational workshops for both recreational and professional divers. The foundation strives to create a sustainable diving industry in the Maldives that benefits both local divers and the wider community.

The 50-hour scuba dive, initiated by Shafraz Naeem, was the starting point of Ocean Six Fifty. This impressive feat, completed at a depth of 6 meters, raised awareness of the detrimental effects of ocean plastic pollution and helped him set an Asian record.

Join us in our efforts to create a thriving and sustainable diving industry in the Maldives that benefits both the diving community and the environment.