OCEAN 6|50

Ocean 6|50 was a landmark diving event aimed to raise awareness and advocate about the damaging effects of ocean plastic pollution, climate change, and the marine ecosystem. A dive event that was in planning since 2018 by Shafraz Naeem, also known as Shaff, an ex-military diver, technical diver, and instructor from the Maldives.

The event also celebrated the 50th anniversary of tourism and diving in the Maldives, bringing together a diverse group of local and international diving professionals, marine scientists, and environmental activists. A total of 178 divers participated in the event to show their support for the cause.

The standout moment of Ocean 6|50 was the 50-hour scuba dive completed by Shaff. On February 25th 2022, at 15:34hrs he submerged to a depth of 6 meters and remained underwater for 50 hours until resurfacing on February 27th at 17:34hrs. Without his team of support divers, both local and international, he claimed that he wouldn't have been able to complete the dive.

The impressive feat not only garnered attention for the cause, but it also earned Shaff an Asian record.

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